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How can I erase Sheet1 Sheet2 and Sheet3 in excel file using writetable function in matlab?

Asked by metehan akinci on 23 Apr 2019
Latest activity Commented on by dpb
on 25 Apr 2019
I m using write table function to create an excel file yet i can not erase sheet names which are 1 2 3. How can I erase the Sheet 1-2-3?
when i open the test2 file. i dont want to see Sheet1-2-3. I just want to see Sheetnames which are a b and c.


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Answer by dpb
on 23 Apr 2019
Edited by dpb
on 24 Apr 2019

Modifying workbook properties isn't what writetable does--it just writes to a given sheet, creating one of that name if it doesn't exist. That's the same behavior in xlswrite
There is no builtin ML function to do such other manipulations of a workbook; you'll have to do that via COM.
Alternatively, build a template workbook that you duplicate for new workbooks with the desired sheet name(s) and write to (the new copy of) it instead.


How do you prevent the default of having the first empty three sheets 'Sheet1', ..., though, Walter? Unless you also mean via COM or something I'm missing, here???
I can't think of any high-level ML function that would let you copy over an existing sheet and change its name...but, I could easily be overlooking something basic, granted...oh! can start with an empty workbook???? Nope, Excel says must have at least one visible I am stumped, still... :)
Ah, I did not notice that problem.
MATLAB does create Sheet2 and Sheet3 deliberately. I cannot tell at the moment if it creates Sheet1 deliberately (or merely expects it to be created) as that gets down into built-in functions.
Excel won't let you create a workbook without at least one sheet so Sheet1 is in Excel itself.
You can open a new blank workbook with only Sheet1 but not an empty zero-sheet instance so OP would still be stuck with one unwanted sheet.
I wonder why TMW chose to create the two extras automagically; I'd never dug into that portion of the code on the writing side; I've stolen huge chunks of the read side to use to build other tools around for specific purposes like reading the comments fields and formulas as well as content.

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