Which hardware board should I use for DRV8312?

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Karol Kyslan
Karol Kyslan . 2019년 4월 11일
댓글: Antonin . 2019년 4월 12일
I am using DRV8312-69M-KIT with control card F2806x ISO control card Release 0.4 that contains processor F28069MPZT. For automatic code generation, which hardware board should I use when doing settings in Matlab -- > Configuration Parameters -- > Hardware Implementation. F2806x or F28069M LaunchPad?

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Antonin 2019년 4월 12일
Hi Karol,
For the F2806x ControlCard, the F2806x will have better default compared to the F28069M LaunchPad.
Things to keep in mind:
  • F2806x and F28069M LaunchPad trigger the same configuration with different deafult settings.
  • If your controlCard is using an F28069M (not F28069), make sure to select the correct processor under Hardware impementation > Target Hardware Resources > Build Options > Device Name. This is one change you have to do to run the following example: c28069pmsmfoc_ert.slx (https://www.mathworks.com/help/releases/R2018b/supportpkg/texasinstrumentsc2000/ug/permanent-magnet-synchronous-motor-field-oriented-control.html). You will have to make that change in the shipping example.
  • In the shipping example, we also have specific GPIO sttings for the eCAP to work with Hall sensors, make sure to keep these untouched. Reselecting a different processor may reset these to default values.
  • The rest will have good deafults for the kit that you are considering.
I hope it helps,
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Antonin 2019년 4월 12일
If using the F28069M processor, which I believe is the one you get with the kit, you should use the c28069M.cmd. This linker command file should be selected automatically if you pick the right processor in Target Hardware Resources > Build Options > Device Name and if you don't enbale the "Use custom linker command file" option.
TI has placed IQMath Tables in a different memory location on the F28069M compared to F28069. Picking the wrong version of the processor leads to IQMath functions using these tables (like triogonometric functions) to not work correctly.
I hope it helps,

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