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Generate code from referenced model without generating from the parent

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Guilherme T Silva
Guilherme T Silva 8 Apr 2019
When working with large systems made of many referenced models I can either generate code from the top-level model (parent), which creates a separate .c file for each one of the children, or I can generate code only from one of the child models. The step function for the referenced model changes wether the code is generated from the parent or from the child model, so if I update the child I need to generate code from the parent, otherwise the child models will generate code in standalone mode. The problem is that this can be very time consuming, even if the top level model and most of the referenced ones are unchanged.
Is there a way to generate code only for a referenced model, while keeping the interfaces it had when it wasn't generated as a standalone model?
I'm sending a model attached (R2018a) to exemplify the problem I'm trying to solve. Notice how the code in ReferencedModel.c changes when you generate code directly from it or from its parent model (ParentModel.slx).


Nick Sarnie
Nick Sarnie 13 May 2019
Hi Guilherme,
Does using "slbuild(modelName, 'ModelReferenceRTWTarget')" solve your issue?
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Rodrigo Estrella
Rodrigo Estrella 17 Apr 2020
Im having more less the same problem. I have a parent model with several childs. I want to generate the code for the parent model without generating the code for the childs models, because the code for the childs has already been generated. As i will be generating the code for a complete collection of parent models, it will be very inneficent to generate the code of the child models each time.

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