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'Find & Replace' ignores quoted strings

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K E 6 Aug 2012
I am having a problem with the editor's 'Find & Replace' tool. I have a mfile containing containing quoted strings like
load('File1.mat') ;
load('File2.mat') ;
load('File3.mat') ;
load('File4.mat') ;
When I use Edit > Find & Replace to search for File or mat, they are not found. But when I search for load, it is found. It seems like the characters enclosed in single quotes are invisible to Find & Replace. Is that a known issue? I am using R2012a.
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K E 6 Aug 2012
Sigh. Yes, the Whole Word box was checked, and the problem disappeared when it was unchecked. Sorry to trouble everyone and will delete this question if anyone thinks it is warranted.

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K E 6 Aug 2012
This is due to checking the Whole Word box. The problem disappeared when it was unchecked. I hope this spares someone else a silly mistake.

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