Disable "Explore App Designer" banner in GUIDE of MATLAB R2019a

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Since I updated MATLAB to version R2019a, this banner will permanently show at the bottom GUIDE window.
There's no close button for this banner, and with it I can't resize GUI or reach objects underneath it.
Is there a way to remove this banner?
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Charles James
Charles James 2021년 9월 2일
How do you get rid of it in 2021? Option no longer in Preferences.

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Rik Bokhorst
Rik Bokhorst 2019년 5월 19일
I had the same problem. However I found a solution: go to File > Preferences and uncheck 'Show appdesigner message panel'. This will remove the banner and you can resize your GUI again. Would suggest to MATLAB to just place a cross there which closes it.


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