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Finding the error on scaled parameters

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Adam Parry
Adam Parry . 2012년 8월 1일
마감: MATLAB Answer Bot . 2021년 8월 20일
Essentially I have been trying to fit some data to a model, you can follow my progress else where on MATLAB answers if you are interested. As I have decided to give up on doing the fit properly (as it seems impossible), I have resorted to scaling two of my parameters (this allows the regression to converge and I am fairly happy with the result).
Unfortunately the scaling means that I have no Idea how to export the errors on the parameters from the covariance matrix and I wondered if anyone could help.
the scaling I performed was log10(a)
wher a is one of my parameters, for the function i changed the too
I have tried to produce a simplified version of my problem but was unable to, sorry...
feel free to ask me questions as I realise my request is quite vague

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