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Matlab to CAD Program

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Hi all,
What is the best way to import matlab 3D surface to CAD program ?
Thank you

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Kevin Moerman
Kevin Moerman 30 Aug 2012
A simple way of doing it would be to first create a triangulated representation of your surface (e.g. based on Delaunay tessellation or if derived from a quadrilateral mesh see my file submission mesh2tri). If you have a list of faces (triangles) and vertices then you can export this to STL format (which is basically a file containing your triangle list) which can be imported into CAD software. I think there are various files submitted to the file exchange concerning exporting of STL files.

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Christine Tobler
Christine Tobler 13 Dec 2018
Since R2018b, there are also functions stlread and stlwrite in MATLAB.

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