How to preserve column titles from a table created with array2table when I copy and paste into excel

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Dear all,
My problem is to do with copying and pasting a table created with array2table into excel. I seem to be able to only obtain the data, not the column titles.
This may or may not be an un-necessary step, I have no idea. In fact, given that I need to write code whilst running other program files, I want to send some of the matlab jobs to the departmental cloud computing. The platform that allows me to do that (something called Altair) doesn't allow me to see the workspace that I would ordinarily see using matlab on my pc. I have to explicitly tell matlab to save my results. A colleague of mine runs stuff overnight and his results are figures, so he declares a figure and then uses the print command-that's how he gets out his results when sending jobs to the cloud. If he didn't do that, he'd get nothing once after he runs his stuff. In my case the results are the named matrices created with array2table. So perhaps it's dumb for me to ask you about a way to copy and save into excel whilst preserving column names given that there may be a command that allows me to side-step that?
I look forward to hearing from you.

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KSSV 2019년 3월 5일
Dont copy need not to convert table to an array. You can straight away table into a excel file using writetable. Read about it.

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