how to reognise faces with labels

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venus tyagi
venus tyagi 2019년 3월 3일
댓글: venus tyagi 2019년 3월 4일
Thanks sir,
The project that i have made works on a very small database.If possible give me an idea about how to increase the size of the training database and dispaly the name of the person along with the recognised image..Please see the code.

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Sheng Chen
Sheng Chen 2019년 3월 3일
Hi, in terms of increasing the size of your data, one common way is "Data augmentation."
You can try to do the following to your existing images
  1. Flip: flip your images horizontally or vertically
  2. Rotation: rotate your images by any degrees you want
  3. Scale: enlarge ro shrink you images
Of course, there are much more ways to do this and you can try to google "Data augmentation."
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venus tyagi
venus tyagi 2019년 3월 4일
You got me wrong.I have only 20 images in my dataset.if i increase the no of images in my traindata set my program doesn't works.What changes can i make so that my program can work for a large database .

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