Missing "Configure Model Functions" Button in Interface tab of Code Generation

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Jens Gleißberg
Jens Gleißberg 2019년 2월 27일
답변: AhmadR 2019년 10월 13일
In the tab "Code Generation" ->"Interface" the button "Configure Model Functions" is missing or greyed out. I used the ert target and Nonreusable function, but I can not control the names of the parameter of the function call.

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Harshita Gupta
Harshita Gupta 2019년 3월 4일
The 'ModelStepFunctionPrototypeControlCompliant' parameter can determine whether the 'Configure Model Functions' appears or not.The button can be made to appear and disappear by executing the following command(s):
>> set_param(gcs, 'ModelStepFunctionPrototypeControlCompliant', 'on/off');
The 'Configuration Parameters' window should be reopened for the changes to take effect.
Also consider the following steps for reference:
>> rtwgensettings.SelectCallback = 'custom_select_callback_handler(hDlg, hSrc)';
>> slConfigUISetVal(hDlg, hSrc, 'ModelStepFunctionPrototypeControlCompliant', 'on');
>> slConfigUISetEnabled(hDlg, hSrc, 'ModelStepFunctionPrototypeControlCompliant', false);
As another workaround, try the following to see if this is settable for your configuration set.
>> cfg_set = getActiveConfigSet(bdroot) %must be ERT-derived targe
>> set_param(cfg_set, 'ModelStepFunctionPrototypeControlCompliant', 'on')
>> openDialog(cfg_set)
>> save_system(gcs)
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Rongfei deng
Rongfei deng 2019년 8월 28일
I had the same problem. I used Matlab 2019a.
I've tried these methods, but they don't work.

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AhmadR 2019년 10월 13일


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