R2018b not opening Appdesigner or mlapp.

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Gavin Lecky
Gavin Lecky 2019년 2월 26일
댓글: Eric Delgado 2021년 8월 6일
Hi there,
1 colleague of mine cannot open an app that I have designed in R2018b, while 6 others can. They all have R2018b installed on their machines, with the latest product updates. The person who is unable to opening the app also cannot open the Appdesigner. When the try to open the app designer a white (blank) screen appears.
The app in question does not require anyone toolboxes to run.
Has anyone experienced this before? Or can anyone suggest a solution without reinstall R2018b.
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Eric Delgado
Eric Delgado 2021년 8월 6일
I found two others ways to handle this issue:
  • update Windows 10 version
  • update graphics driver

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Harshita Gupta
Harshita Gupta 2019년 3월 5일


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