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Getting output from GUI

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Edward Sullen
Edward Sullen 25 Feb 2019
I've created a GUI usind guide. I would to know how to output something from this GUI and immediately close it when a certain pushbutton in it is pushed.
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Edward Sullen
Edward Sullen 25 Feb 2019
I want to output two matrices that I calculate once the button is pressed. I want to store these matrices in variables in the workspace.

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Kevin Chng
Kevin Chng 25 Feb 2019
Assume you know how to pass those data between the function in guide.
In the callback of your button, if val1 is your matrix, you want assign it to the workspace and name this variable in the workspace as 'test1'.
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Alexandre Cucatti dos Santos
I had a similar problem, this video helped me a lot:
hope it helps you too :)

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