How to take data from PuTTy to MATLAB to make a real time plot of location of an object?

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This is my project description: Design and construct a microprocessor-controlled system to detect the location of an ultrasonic transmitter in a room, log the location and graph the location on a monitor.
I am using UART and MSP430 to take data from the MSP to PuTTy but I am really confused where to go after that.
Thanks for the help in advance!

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Munish Raj
Munish Raj 2019년 2월 26일
Hello Sifat,
PuTTy is an interface to communicate with the MSP. It initiates and starts a UART communication line with the MSP. Any software which is capable of handling serial communication can do the same task as that of PuTTy. MATLAB supports serial communication. The documentation for the same can be found here
The code would have to be burnt into the MSP the same way you are doing right now, after which the COM port can be configured in MATLAB. Now the serial data will be imported into MATLAB.


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