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how to save filename from string

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Leojik Kannathara
Leojik Kannathara 21 Feb 2019
If I can same a string in a variable, is it possible to save a file name with this variable string, such that each time I run a loop, I can save the file name with a different name ?
The idea is shown below. Please ignore any syntax as I am trying to determine that
num = 'first'
rfwrite(first4portsparam, ' "the string num here ".s4p')
So in next loop I will replace
num = 'second'
rfwrite(first4portsparam, ' "the string num here ".s4p')
so in the end I will have 2 files first.s4p and second.s4p
Thanks !

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Akira Agata
Akira Agata 21 Feb 2019
How about saving files using "prefix + serial number" as a file name, such as a001.s4p, a002.s4p,...?
Leojik Kannathara
Leojik Kannathara 21 Feb 2019
Hi Akira,
I thought about that, but I am not sure how to get a serial number into a file name, without manually adding it.
I am very new to Matlab and I am pretty sure I am not aware of certain functions that I could maybe possibly use to do this.
I had previously create a variable "i" and had a for loop where i was incremented from 0 to 4.
Bu I have not found a way to save out a file name each time as you mentioned a001, a002 etc each time "i" increments.
So I had to resort to creating 4 instances of the same code in a if else statement looking at different values of "i" and then save files as different names in each section. Example shown below:
x2= ((N/2)+1);
y2= ((N/2)+2);
while i < N/4
n2m = [a x2 b y2]
if (i==0)
% The First 4 ports
%n2m = [1 9 2 10];
z0 = nport.Impedance;
first4port = snp2smp(nport.Parameters,z0,n2m,z0);
first4portsparam = sparameters(first4port,freq,z0)
rfwrite(first4portsparam, 'FirstChannel.s4p')
hold on
title('4-Port S-Parameter')
hold off
elseif (i==1)
% The Second 4 ports
%n2m=[3 11 4 12];
z0 = nport.Impedance;
second4port = snp2smp(nport.Parameters,z0,n2m,z0);
second4portsparam = sparameters(second4port,freq,z0)
rfwrite(second4portsparam, 'SecondChannel.s4p')
hold on
title('4-Port S-Parameter')
hold off
increment i in the end of the if else statement

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ES 21 Feb 2019
% This will save files like 1.s4p, 2.s4p, 3.s4p and so on
for iLoop=1:NumberOfFiles
rfwrite(first4portsparam, [num2str(iLoop),'.s4p']);

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Leojik Kannathara
Leojik Kannathara 21 Feb 2019
Thank you. The Answer by ES helped solve my issue. You can ignore my previous reply to Akira. Thanks to both of you guys !

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