Error in using ePWM (TI F28027 LaunchPad) - Error evaluating 'InitFcn' callback of C280x/C2833x ePWM block (mask) 'untitled/ePWM'.

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I want to measure speed of motor, for that purpose I'm generating interrupt everytime motor makes one revolution. Now to calculate speed, I need to count how many pulses have been produced in specific time period. For this purpose I planned to use timer using ePWM and generating interrupt at every 1 sec. However it seems I cannot generate time dealys more than 1.something mSec (it gave me error). So for test purposes I tried generating pulse of 1mSec period, however I ran into following problem. Please help me in fixing this error. I'm using MATLAB2018a with TI C2000 F28027F LaunchPad which as base frequency of 60Mhz. Here's how error looks
For reference purposes, I'm also attaching screenshots of ePWM configuration if that helps (yeah right, I have no clue what I'm doing wrong, pls help me!)
Also, here's the snapshot of interrupt settings for ePWM1 interrupt.
Let me know if you need any more information, moderators may remove information which they think is unnecessary and will rather complicate things than being helpful to future visitors. Thanks in advance.

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Antonin 2019년 2월 19일
Hi Deep,
Pick your PWM block from the C2802x library.
The one you are using right now is for a different family of processors.
The blue label in the top right corner of the block should mention C2802x/03x/05x/06x
I hope it helps,
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Aditya Padmanabha
Aditya Padmanabha 2021년 11월 15일
Hi Michel,
The above answer from Antonin is still applicable here. Please use the ePWM block from F28004x library (blue color label on right top corner of block says F2807x/37x/004x). You are tying to use C280x/C2833x block for F28004x which does not work.

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