How to create a list?

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SC 2019년 2월 9일
답변: Image Analyst 2019년 2월 9일
I want to store numbers in an object A, so that when I call A(i) I can got the i-th element.
But each A(i) may have different length and thus I can't put them in a matrix or array. A list would be preferred, and seems I can't create such an object in Matlab.
How can I proceed? Thanks.
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SC 2019년 2월 9일
For example, I want to store [1;3;6], [2;4] and [3] into the same object A, such that when I call A(2), I can get [2;4]. How can I do that?
Stephen23 2019년 2월 9일
"How to create a list?"
MATLAB does not have a "list" data class. If you want a container class to hold other arrays, you can use a cell array, a structure, a table, etc.:

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi 2019년 2월 9일
Store it as a cell array:
>> A={[1;3;6], [2;4], [3]}
A =
1×3 cell array
{3×1 double} {2×1 double} {[3]}
>> A{2}
ans =

Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2019년 2월 9일
Use a cell array. See the FAQ


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