Best data type for Signal Analyser

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Jamie England
Jamie England . 2019년 2월 8일
답변: Frantz Bouchereau . 2020년 8월 24일
Hi all, as titled I am wondering what would be the best way to manipulate data for the signal analyser app. The data I have collected is a double that is approximatley 8.2 million rows by 8 columns and the pc I have to work with is a bit on the rubbish side (i5-4570, 4.0GB DDR3, a pretty slow 500GB HDD and no graphics card). I originally attempted to convert this data to a tall double in order to help speed the processing of the data up but now figured out that the signal analyser app does not like this format. Any suggestions?
Thank you
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Sophy Jones
Sophy Jones 2020년 7월 27일
My friend, I think this resource will help you:
It contains a lot of articles about the data type for signal analyzer and also about spying apps.

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Frantz Bouchereau
Frantz Bouchereau 2020년 8월 24일
Hi Jamie, I would try to break the data into smaller vectors and use simple matrices to feed into Signal Analyzer. You can load the smaller vectors one or a few at a time so that you do not have memory problems.


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