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Script adapted into a funtion Function not returning equal values

C Meek 님이 질문을 제출함. 22 Jul 2012
Hey everyone,
I'm having a problem where two identical pieces of code are returning different values when run as a script then a function. Trying to keep this as simple as possible, I have two vectors Z and Zt, which represent curves with a number of prominent peaks. I find the peak locations of each curve, then compare their separation distance using an adapted Gaussian function:
1 - exp( (-mu0*Phi(ii)) / (2 * vp^2));
This is an extract from a loop, where Phi contains the difference between each peak of Z and Zt. mu0 and vp won't particularly matter here.
In particular, I have Z and Zt set so that their peak locations are in exactly the same place - and as a result the expression above will be
1 - exp(0) = 0;
for all entries in Phi.
This is exaclty what I want, but when I run this with a function call, it is returning very small values of order 10^-5, instead of zero.
Anyone have any ideas of why this may be?

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Geoff 님의 답변 22 Jul 2012
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Floating point precision errors. If you need to test for zero, then test for something like:
if abs(value) < 1e-5
10^-5 does sound rather large for a zero value though.. Are you using single-precision floats?

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I'm using double precision. Turns out that the unexpected small numbers were coming from another part of my code which I hadn't taken into account - so all is well, when I adapt it according zero is returned ok!

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