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Auto-code friendly functions

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Siamak Hesar
Siamak Hesar 30 Jan 2019
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I am generating code in Matlab that will later be converted to C via Auto-code. I am wondering if there is a list of auto-code friendly functions for high-level MATLAB built-in functions. In other words, I am trying to figure out which built-in functions I can use and which ones I should avoid and try to replicate. For instance, functions like "norm", "log", "chol", "cholupdate", "qr", and etc.

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OCDER 30 Jan 2019
You'll need to look through these supported Matlab functions for automatic code generation.

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Siamak Hesar
Siamak Hesar 30 Jan 2019
Thanks a lot for the link, it is very helpful. Is there, however, a distinction between C vs. C++ code gen, when it comes to this list? For instance, are all the objects mentioned in the list have efficinet way of generating "C" code?

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