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Does using my laptop while running MATLAB influence performance

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Berlibur 10 Jan 2019
I am currently testing several TSP algorithms in matlab, and I am measuring a.o. the time each algorithm takes per instance.
Would using my laptop (Latex editor and chrome browser) influence the results (especially time)?

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OCDER 10 Jan 2019
Yes, if your browser and other OS are using a lot of resources. Computer resources are limited, hence, if other non-Matlab programs are hogging all the resources, then Matlab will slow down - or vice versa - Matlab can slow down all other OS programs.
Check your memory & cpu usage when running your TSP algorithm to see if it's using a lot. Your OS will determine which program gets priority in processing, and thus it's not something you can easily adjust in Matlab.
You could try optimizing Matlab codes that are inefficient (e.g., ones that are growing matrices). Use the matlab Profiler to determine the slow code.

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