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Simulink training class 'Simulink for System and Algorithm Modeling'

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K E 17 Jul 2012
If you have taken Mathworks' training course Simulink for System and Algorithm Modeling, I am curious: how useful it was to you, what skill level you were at before and after you took it, or whether you did the online or onsite version. This will be helpful in deciding whether I will take it.
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K E 8 Oct 2012
Very glad to have taken this class. I did it online and there were ~8 other students, but you don't interact (can't see their questions). The instructor lectures and you follow along in a book and via WebEx. The best part is exercises that you work through, like building simple models or manipulating example models. You need 2 computer screens (1 to see instructor's model/slides, 1 for your own model). The class would suit a beginner who had started to use Simulink but not gotten into more advanced stuff. A dedicated person could gain the same knowledge via MathWorks' online demos, while neither beats having a colleague who knows Simulink. Lacking that, if your employer will pay for the class, go for it.

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