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Save / Load a uitree object from app designer

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Yi Wan
Yi Wan 3 Jan 2019
댓글: Inso 15 Oct 2019
Hi there,
I'm recently writing an app that contains a uitree. The tree is editable in the app during runtime. I want my app to have the function to save the edited tree to a local place, and also able to load an existing tree from a local directory. So I did the following:
In the UI I created a 'save' button and a 'load' button with call backs as below:
function SaveProgramButtonPushed(app, event) % save button callback
if ~isempty(app.Tree.Children)
uialert(app.SIIRD_Robot_UI_v2,'There is no programme to save!','Save Programme Alert');
function LoadProgramButtonPushed(app, event) % load button callback
answer=uiconfirm(app.SIIRD_Robot_UI_v2,'Load new programme now? The current programme will be discarded','New Programme Alert');
if strcmp(answer,'OK')
if file~=0
app.Tree.SelectionChangedFcn = createCallbackFcn(app, @TreeSelectionChanged, true);
However, during runtime, although the load and save function still can work when I click the load / save button, warnings appear as follows:
"Warning: Functionality not supported with figures created with the uifigure function. For more information, see Graphics Support in App Designer. "
I wonder is there anything I can do to walkaround this? Or saving / loading a UI compenent using uisave / uiload is not a good way? Is there any better way to do this?
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Inso 15 Oct 2019
Hi, thanks for your question, since I'm trying the same thing.
However, when I load the saved .mat file and run the code:
It shows that 'program' is an undefined function or varable. Error :(
What could be the problem? Thx

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Kevin Chng
Kevin Chng 23 Jan 2019
편집: Kevin Chng 23 Jan 2019
Hi Yi Wan,
"Warning: Functionality not supported with figures created with the uifigure function. For more information, see Graphics Support in App Designer. "
It is not the main reason to cause your code not working. It is a warning to remind instead of error.
First, your uisave should be working fine and able to create the mat.file for you.
Second, It is succesful to load the file as your expected, however, your code below is not working.
Third, hence, I recommend you to add a new delete button to clear to content of the tree first, then later load the mat.file into the tree
function d(app, event) % Button Callback Function
Fourth, now we load the mat. file and get the content add into the tree by following method
function LoadProgramButtonPushed(app, event) % load button callback
if file~=0
category = t.Children;
for i=1:1:length(category)
tree1(i) = uitreenode(app.Tree);
tree1(i).Text = category(i).Text;
content = category(i).Children;
for j =1:1:length(content)
tree2(i,j) = uitreenode(tree1(i));
tree2(i,j).Text = content(j).Text;
%if the branching is still needed, you need to add another loop here as what i did above
%get the children of content
%loop them
Now, i guess it is working well with your case.
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Kevin Chng
Kevin Chng 29 Jan 2019
%put the code before the warning
it will turn the warning off.
whether uisave and uigetfile are currently fully supported features for uitree objects, or is there any other decent way to achieve the same function without warnings popping up.
Refer to your statement above, i'm not sure. So far, this is the only way I know for App Designer. May be others might able to answer it.

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