How to close all figures associated with the main Gui?

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hana . 2012년 7월 12일
답변: H. Sh. G. . 2021년 10월 21일
I have a GUIDE gui. Let's say user didn't close the last session and is generating the gui again and there are some output figures associated with last session open still. How can I have the gui close all the extra figures without closing the main gui figure that has been just generated. I've tried to kill the individual figures with deleting their previous name, but no luck yet!! any help is appreciated
status = close(handles.hFig); % it is not recognizing handles.hFig
if status == 1

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2012년 7월 12일
delete( setdiff( findall(0, 'type', 'figure'), The_Main_Figure_To_Keep ) );
That is, find all existing figures, exclude the one you want to keep from the list, and delete the rest.
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hana 2012년 7월 12일
편집: hana 님. 2012년 7월 12일
I came up with the following, but yours is more sophisticated. thanks
close all

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H. Sh. G.
H. Sh. G. 2021년 10월 21일
I would simply use the following code:
function clf_all()
% Clear all figures
fh = get(0,'children');
nf = size(fh,1);
for i=1:nf


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