Can you get data from a Vex V5 Vision Sensor?

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Is there a way to get coordinates from a Vex V5 Vision Sensor with the V5 Support Package?

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MathWorks Student Competitions Team
편집: MathWorks Student Competitions Team 2019년 5월 2일
If you are using the Simulink support package for the VEX V5 Robot Brain in the R2019a version of MATLAB, you can use the files attached to get information from the vision sensor.
  • Copy the Vision Sensor Simulink block from either of the models provided
  • Make sure to keep the accompanying files (except for the attached Simulink models) in the same folder as your working model.
  • There is an additional example attached that shows how to follow and object using the vision sensor
  • You should still use the VEX Coding Studio utility to setup the sensor signatures
Since this is a protoype block, please contact if you run into errors or have additional questions.
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Charles Mamolo
Charles Mamolo 2019년 7월 3일
Where do you copy the Vision Sensor Simulink block? Thanks!

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