how to do bitxor operation of two 1*255 matrix

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moni sinha
moni sinha . 2018년 11월 30일
편집: Greg . 2018년 11월 30일
h1 =1x255 logical
h3 = 1x255 logical
howto do bitxor of h1 and h3

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Greg 2018년 11월 30일
편집: Greg 님. 2018년 11월 30일
result = h1 | h3;
Edit: this is logical (bit) or, not xor. As posted elsewhere, simply use the xor function.
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Greg 2018년 11월 30일
편집: Greg 님. 2018년 11월 30일
Good catch Guillaume, i kept reading or not xor.
Why are we assuming c is the second argument? The original post explicitly states h1 and h3, both are logical and same size. All following posts are new problems to the original question.

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James Tursa
James Tursa 2018년 11월 30일
편집: James Tursa 님. 2018년 11월 30일
It's not entirely clear to me what operation you really want, but if the elements of h1 and h2 represent "bits", then you could just do this:
result = (h1 ~= h2); % equivalent of xor between the elements of h1 and h2
If h1 and h2 don't have the same number of elements, then that is a different problem that you will need to fix before doing the xor operation.
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Greg 2018년 11월 30일
Guillaume's comment here should be a separate answer, and accepted.

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