multi level 1-D wavelet decomposition

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Majid Al-Sirafi
Majid Al-Sirafi 2012년 7월 11일
댓글: Muhammad Shahid Jabbar 2020년 6월 20일
Hi every one
I applied the Multilevel 1-D wavelet decomposition for vector array, by the following syntax:
[C,L] = wavedec(s,3,'haar')
where s is vector and 3 is level-3 and harr is 'haar' filter , I want to know which is the Low frequency and High frequency coefficients after transformation operation thank you


Minh 2012년 7월 11일
Please try the following MATLAB command
>>doc wavedec
Then do the example in the help documentation, hopefully you will work out which coefficients are for low frequency coefficients and which are for high frequency coefficients. Please note that approximation coefficients correspond to low frequency coefficients and detail coefficients correspond to high frequency coefficients.
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Muhammad Shahid Jabbar
Muhammad Shahid Jabbar 2020년 6월 20일
Please refer to figure below

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