How to create variable name for .CSV file in matlab?

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Haritha 2018년 11월 27일
댓글: Jan 2020년 7월 29일
I have CSV file as below
I want to create names for VarName upto end of the matrix. I have to write the code for changing the VarNames automatically. I need the output as below. Please let me know if anyone knows the ans.
Thank you in advance.
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Haritha 2018년 11월 28일
편집: Haritha 2018년 11월 28일
I want inside the code only. I am attaching one .csv file for experiment.Please check and let me know. Thank you in advance

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Arunkumar M
Arunkumar M 2018년 11월 28일
Hope you have already imported data into workspace as table. Assuming table name is Reducedfeatures
% for defining name for all columns at once
Reducedfeatures.Properties.VariableNames = {'C1','C2',.......}
% for defining specific column names, example: first and second column
Reducedfeatures.Properties.VariableNames([1:2]) = {'C1','C2'}
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Jan 2020년 7월 29일
@Claudio: Please post your code. How is your variable called "Reducedfeatures" here defined in your case?

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