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How do I fix receiving "Caught throwable while adding doc set item to doc set builder: null" in the command window after Startup?

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Bryan H.
Bryan H. 11 Nov 2018
답변: amin ya 20 May 2019
Version 2018b 64-bit on Windows 10, only MATLAB 9.5 installed (no add-ons). I have tried reinstalling the program and resetting to the default path but none of those have worked. I have tried searching around on the web but it seems as though barely anyone else has this issue. Please let me know what other info I should provide to solve this issue.

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Kunihide Hirai
Kunihide Hirai 9 May 2019
Try again with administrator privileges when installing Matlab.
Or, if there is the same version of Matlab installed on Windows 7 etc., the error will not occur if you copy and save the missing file in the Help folder from the old PC.
The following five types of files and folders are missing (in the case of the Japanese version):

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amin ya
amin ya 20 May 2019
I solved the problem by reintsalling MATLAB.

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