What is the easiest way to embed a text data file into a .m function so that you don't need two files.

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Zeb Barber
Zeb Barber 2018년 11월 1일
댓글: Zeb Barber 2018년 11월 1일
I have a function that uses a pre-generated lookup table that is stored as a text file. I would like to embed the text file into the .m file so that I don't have to move both files around.

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Guillaume 2018년 11월 1일
편집: Guillaume 2018년 11월 1일
Load your text file into a variable, however you normally read it in your code, for example:
lookuptable = fileread(yourtextfile);
Then right click on the variable in the variable browser, select 'Save As...' and in the 'Save as type' dropdown change the type from mat file to m file to let matlab autogenerate the code to create that variable.
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Elias Gule
Elias Gule 2018년 11월 1일
I guess you can store your data as part of the code. Your may create an inner function or a subfunctions that initializes your lookup table; you can also store your data as properties of a class.
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Zeb Barber
Zeb Barber 2018년 11월 1일
I am trying to avoid having to write a function that reformats the text (300 lines long) into MATLAB code that can be pasted into an m-file. Really just trying to get around having to cart around an extra file to make the m-file work.

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