How can I create sinus wave by using TI C2000 launchpad and simulink?

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batuhan bescan
batuhan bescan . 2018년 10월 30일
댓글: ANSHUMAN SATPATHY . 2021년 10월 7일
I am new to microcontrollers. I want to create sinus wave and read it with oscilloscope by using F28379D but I couldn't manage to do that. Which blocks should I use to do that?

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Antonin 2018년 10월 31일
Hello Batuhan,
  1. Open a blank Simulink model, go the configuration parameters (Ctrl+E) > Hardware Implementation > Select the board you are using (i.e. F28379D LaunchPad)
  2. Drag a DAC block in your model from the Simulink library browser, under Embedded Coder Support Package for TI C2000 > F2837xD
  3. Drag a sine wave source block from Simulink source blocks, double-click on the sine wave and select "Sample based" for the sine type, set the Amplitude to 2047.5, Bias 2047.5, Samples per period: 100, Sample time: .01 --> this will generate a 1Hz sine wave with 100 points oscillating from 0 to 4095, which is the range that the DAC wants.
  4. Connect the Sine wave to the DAC
  5. Make sure your board is connected to your computer and generate code for the model (Ctrl+B)
  6. Put a scope on the DAC pin (Pin 30 on connector J3 is using the Launchpad) and enjoy watching the sine wave oscillate
  7. Accept this answer and post your model so others can benefit from it :-), go to this page and rate the package 5 stars, feel free to share with the rest of the world how easy it was to run your first model with our TI C2000 support package.
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How to create a function in c2000 from matlab .m file to dac ? And also I don't get how to use dac a , dac b and dac c Not getting the pin no as in data sheet it's given as dac 1 ,2,3,4 plz help me out

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