Plot 2D images in 3D scatter plot

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Gregor 2018년 10월 25일
댓글: ACHAMMA JACOB 2019년 1월 30일
I recorded someone moving in front of a camera and now I have a 3D scatter plot of points that track that person's eyes (red and green in the picture below) over x, y and time. I want to insert single frames at specific time locations to show the current status of the input frame. How do I insert (transparent) 2D images into 3D plots?
Now I know how to create surfaces of images, and I also tried playing with hgtransform. However I'm not able to place both scatter3 and image in the same plot. They always end up on separate axes. I think those 2 links are related:
Thanks for your help

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Oliver Woodford
Oliver Woodford 2018년 10월 26일
h = surface(X, Y, Z, im, 'facecolor', 'texturemap', 'edgecolor', 'none');
alpha(h, 0.5);
X, Y, and Z are each 2x2 matrices containing the x, y and z coordinates of the 4 corners of your image, im.
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ACHAMMA JACOB 2019년 1월 30일
how to convert a jpg binarized image into scatter plot if we doesnot have the data points?

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