Change what folder matlab starts up with

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Lucas 2012년 7월 2일
Ok this is probably a stupid question but nothing I found on the internet works for me. When you start up MatLab there's the current folder box at the top where you can browse to a directory you want MatLab to look for file in. Is there anyway that I can set there the folder looks at the start. Make it go from:
'C:\Documents and Settings\comp101'
'C:\Documents and Settings\comp101\Desktop'
something like that.

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Adam Filion
Adam Filion 2012년 7월 2일
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Adam Filion
Adam Filion 2012년 7월 2일
If you need it to start directly there rather than run a script first, then you need to try one of the other two options. Either of those should start it directly in that folder.

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grapevine 2012년 7월 2일
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