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MATLAB Detection of Compiler

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How does MATLAB detect the compiler in 2016b or newer?
I have written a custom compiler configuration xml file. mex.getCompilerConfigurations('C++,'supported') lists my configured compiler. However, I cannot get any further with "mex -setup C++". I get an error because MATLAB doesn't detect my custom compiler.
The custom xml file is attached. Note the main differences are at the bottom of the xml file in the "env" section.

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Helper 19 Oct 2018
The msvcpp files would be used during the compilation. Please use "mex -setup -v" to check more information for searching the compiler.
Jason Nicholson
Jason Nicholson 20 Oct 2018
That helped. I was able to setup the xml file and get the compiler configured. MSVC 2017 Express lives.
Warning! This is hacky and hard coded. No guarantee it will work for you.
mex -setup:msvcpp2017Express.xml C++ -v

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Jason Nicholson
Jason Nicholson 25 Oct 2018
See comments above for answer.

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