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Unable to convert 'sym' value to 'double'. after using solve

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Christian Fokdal
Christian Fokdal 10 Oct 2018
syms DELTA_2 DELTA_CR tcr;
assume(2>tcr>0); tcr=sqrt((4*H)/(OMEGA*Pm))*(DELTA_CR - DELTA_0);
if M==Z fprintf('%.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f %.4f \n' ,T, DELTA_0deg, OMEGA, DELTA_1deg, solxdeg, DELTA_3deg, solydeg, tcr) end
Error using fprintf
Unable to convert 'sym' value to 'double'.
error for tcr

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gonzalo Mier
gonzalo Mier 10 Oct 2018
I have not much info with this... but, I guess tcr = constant * (DELTA_CR - constant). That means tcr doesn't have a double value because it depends on DELTA_CR. Try to print tcr before fprintf, and if is not that, give more info please

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Christian Fokdal
Christian Fokdal 11 Oct 2018
nobody seemd to anwser the long post so I made a shorter one. The one above has the entire code.

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