Voice recogntion /Speaker identification

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Suresh 2012년 6월 28일
답변: Brian Hemmat 2020년 3월 20일
Hi, I would like to create an application which does speaker authentication. i.e. an application which uses user voice for authenticating or logging into a application.
How can I achieve this?
Can I use this applications built in MATLAB in my project - I'm a software professional ?
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Suresh 2012년 6월 29일
Hi, I'm trying to implement authentication using voice only. Not speech recognition. like Saving voice prints in database & then comparing with incoming voice for authentication.

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Yash 2012년 6월 30일
편집: Walter Roberson 2012년 7월 1일
I developed this kind of an application where the code is for Speaker identification for a security system, check out in the file exchange, i developed that back in 2010 where i implemented it using MFCC with kmeans incorporating vector quantization.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2017년 11월 5일
Note that yash will not be notified about your requests. You can contact yash by clicking on their name, above, and using the Contact button.

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Brian Hemmat
Brian Hemmat 2020년 3월 20일
Audio Toolbox provides examples for speaker verification: A simple one using Gaussian mixture models and a more complicated one using i-vectors.

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