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How can I create a Mex function from a generated C code from Simulink Coder?

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Charles Pimenta
Charles Pimenta 1 Oct 2018
편집: TAB 2 Oct 2018
I'm working on a big simulink model, that needs a long time to run and simulate. I'm looking for a way to reduce the time to run. I think in use the simulink coder to generate C code from my model and after compile it in a MEX function to make the model a callable function to matlab scripts. May be it possible ? Some one have experience in do it ?

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TAB 2 Oct 2018
편집: TAB 2 Oct 2018
Simulink model (and also generated code) is designed to run on a solver which is part of Simulink tool but not present in Matlab. So running a mex file generated from Simulink model in Matlab is not a good idea.
To solve your long simulation time problem, you can refer many other options like Accelerator, Mode, Rapid Accelerator mode etc.

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