Changing font type on a plot axis label when using 'latex' script interpreter

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Hi - I am trying to create a y-axis label on a plot which should read E(with hat)_P_A_N( PAN in subcript). I am using the following script:
ylabel('$\mathrm{\hat{E}}_{\mathrm{{PAN}}}$','Interpreter','latex', 'FontSize',11, 'FontName', 'Helvetica')
The problem is that the font type is not Helvetica - it looks more like Times New Roman. Can anyone help me change the font type or provide alternative scripting that gives me this functionality please?
Many thanks, Darren


Abby Skofield
Abby Skofield 2012년 6월 28일
Hi Darren - It isn't possible to specify Helvetica as the font for the LaTeX interpreter - there is a more detailed discussion of this topic here.



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