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How to exclude Simulink blocks from code generation?

Omkar Bhanap 님이 질문을 제출함. 30 Sep 2018
Basically, my project is: to acquire data from a USB webcam and perform some color thresholding and object tracking. The output obtained from these blocks is then given to Arduino for hardware implementation. Now if I directly build the model, it generates code for the whole model and then deploys to Arduino board which is basically consuming more memory and making my model to run at a slower speed.
How can exclude these blocks(computer vision and image processing toolbox) from code generation?

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Answer by TAB
on 1 Oct 2018

If you want to exclude some blocks from Simulion and Code Generation, then you can comment them out.

As far I know, there is no way to exclude some block only from code generation.

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I don't want to exclude these blocks from Simulation. Just want to simulate the model without generating any code for these blocks.

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