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real-time standalone mode file transfer

I use matlab 2018a. The target is a mini-board with intel J9100 processor. With the standalone mode, the target starts correctly. But after I transfer the application file "*.mldatx" to target, the name of application file is modified automatically to force the extension of file name to be "*.mld", which can be executed by the real-time kernal and prompt "error unpacking application". I think it is caused by the incorrect extension of file name. How to make the real-time kernal to support long extension name?

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According to, Simulink Real Time's filesystem uses DOS 8.3 filename structure and so cannot support file extensions of 6 characters.
The information I find about copyFileToTarget is at which describes communications with a Speedgoat computer. At the moment, I do not know if perhaps Speedgoat permits more than the 8.3 filename structure.
In other words, if your target is not a speedgoat system then you might be restricted to 8.3 names.
If the extension of file name is restricted to 3 letters, I think real-time should generate application file name satisfying it. If I force the extension of file name to be 3, the real-time kernal can not run the application. I have bought a Speedgoat computer and I should try on it immediately. If there still exists this problem, I can only use Matlab 2016.
Sorry, I am going by documentation here; I do not have a system to test with.

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Pablo Romero 님의 답변 20 Dec 2018
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This is a known bug. For more information refer to the bug report below:
Note that an upgrade to Speedgoat Library version (or later) is required after installation of MATLAB R2018a Update 4.
Hope this helps.

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