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MATLAB R2018a does not process keyboard input [BUG]

Plustig 님이 질문을 제출함. 26 Sep 2018
최근 활동 ... 님이 답변함. 14 Sep 2019
Hi, i got some problems with MATLAB 2018a running on Kubuntu. Sometimes MATLAB won't process my keyboard input. However, I can do everything using the mouse including paste some text etc. The occurs only in a "second window", so for example in the Add-Ons window or App designer. The main window (the one which opens up when MATLAB is started) remains intact. I have noticed, that every time the keyboard is "frozen", the (text field) blinking cursor in the malfunctioning window is still blinking after having changed the selected window to another window (in contrast to regular behavior of the cursor when changing windows). Does anyone know what to do?

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I also have this problem, any advice?
Only way I can install addons is by middle-click pasting text from another editor window!

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on 14 Sep 2019

You can reinstall it

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