Force matlab to quit while stuck in an infinite loop?

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Lucas . 2012년 6월 26일
답변: Ognjen Jova . 2020년 1월 13일
I found some newsgroup postings from about 4 years ago and back then there was no way to terminate a script from running in a infinite FOR loop without using ctrl+alt+delete. Has that changed or is there still no way to accomplish that?

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Thomas 2012년 6월 26일
try ctrl + c
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Thomas 2012년 6월 26일
Another helpful link

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Anver Hisham
Anver Hisham 2016년 9월 13일
You can use the below function to specify the maximum execution time-limit while running a program,

Ognjen Jova
Ognjen Jova 2020년 1월 13일
Thomas you are a god,tnx alot man


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