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Polyspace code prover results are half analysed

Hi ,
My polyspace code prover result is not analysed well enough, since most of the functions go to grey code, and further more i found no Red/Green passes either.
My other projects seem to well analysed, but this one even with the same configuration isn't.
Can i get some pointers regarding this .

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Anirban 님의 답변 4 Oct 2018
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Do you mean code that is colored grey indicating unreachable code or code that is simply not analyzed (no colors)?
In either case, if most of your code is not analyzed, it typically means you have an issue quite high up in the function call hierarchy in your program. For instance, you can have an infinite loop in the main function and most function calls occur after the infinite loop. In this case, all those function bodies will not analyzed. There can be many other reasons why code is not analyzed by Code Prover. See the documentation about reasons for unchecked code .
For more help with your specific case, you might want to contact MathWorks Technical Support.

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Thanks for your reply,
Upon tracing the function call hierarchy in the main function, i found out that the main function has calls whose body is empty(code yet to be written). Hence, i went with the approach of Polyspace Main generation method, which can cover all the function calls provided by the module.

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