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Distinguish MATLAB Library & Custom Library

Chaitanya Kulkarni 님이 질문을 제출함. 20 Sep 2018
최근 활동 TAB 님이 답변함. 21 Sep 2018
How to identify if the library blocks used in the model are coming from MATLAB toolbox library or customized libraries. with 'ReferenceBlock' Command, but there is no common syntax for MATLAB Library.For e.g. fl_lib, Simulink.....
1. Is there any other attribute to differentiate this. 2. If not, anybody has complete list of libraries from all the toolboxes of MATLAB

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A custom library you have to add, whereas Matlab inbuilt doesn't require that.

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TAB 님의 답변 21 Sep 2018
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libdata = libinfo(gcb);
libdir = which(libdata(1).Library, '-all');
If libdir have a matlab installation path, then it is Matlab toolbox library.
If libdir is your path where you have saved library (maybe outside matlab installation path) then it is custom library.

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