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Lucas 2012년 6월 25일
Using xmlread() I found that MatLab adds a lot of white space into the project for whatever reason. But I get values when I read some node of a cell array with a char in it with the value of ' '. The value varies with blank characters. When I read my xml file out it looks like:
So when I try to populate my struct I get a lot of blank values added in. I tried to use isempty() but since the cell array has a value of a char 1x4 of blank characters it thinks something in there. Is there something I can use to check is a char has characters present in it? That way I can skip the write to my struct?

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Jan 2012년 6월 25일
a = deblank(a);
a(cellfun('isempty', a)) = [];

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen 2012년 6월 25일
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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen 2012년 6월 25일
Hi Lucas, I could be wrong, but after you use deblank, you should be able to remove empty cells
a = {'Test',' '}
a = cellfun(@deblank,a,'UniformOutput',false)
Note that in the original definition of a, you can put in multiple spaces. Somehow it does not show multiple spaces in comment.

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