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Madlab 2018년 9월 11일
댓글: Madlab 2018년 9월 14일
For a map with ETOPO, how to limit elevation [Z] such that the plotted marker and name are not covered by the map?
Right now, my marker and name is covered by the elevation. I tried editing [Z], a 1200 x 1950 double, which is madness, and I know this is not the way to alter the elevation. Not allowed to use any additional mapping toolbox.
% Creating figure
% Construct map axes for region
worldmap australia
% Returning the map projection structure from the current map axes
mstruct = gcm;
% Defining limits for lat and long - adjusting map axis
latlim = mstruct.maplatlimit;
lonlim = mstruct.maplonlimit;
% Read ETOPO file within the specified lat and long limits
% "Z" is data grid, an array of elevations
% "refvec" is the three-element referencing vector
[Z, refvec] = etopo(etopoFile,2, latlim, lonlim);
% Plotting marker on map
plotm(-37.814, 144.96332, '.k','markersize',8)
% Naming on map
textm(-37.814, 144.96332,point name,'FontSize',12)
% Displaying map data, with extracted etopo value
geoshow(Z, refvec, 'DisplayType', 'surface');
% Color the map based on the terrain elevation data, Z.
demcmap(Z, 500);

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Amy Haskins
Amy Haskins 2018년 9월 11일
I would try changing the geoshow line to use 'DisplayType', 'texturemap' instead of 'surface' and moving this line before the call to plotm. This will create a 2D plot rather than a 3D surface and put your markers and text on top of it.
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Madlab 2018년 9월 14일
Thank you Amy, that worked and my markers and text displayed very nicely.

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