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What is the token of the block property Function Packaging?

I want to have the information about the block property "Function Package" displayed as the block annotation, as shown below, because it could be more convenient to know how a atomic subsystem will be packaged as an inlined, non-reusable or resusable function.
But there is nothing about it in the list of the block property tokens.
Is it still possible to do so?
Thank you!

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TAB 님의 답변 7 Sep 2018
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This is not listed in token list.

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it works.
Could you please tell me how you know about it? Where can I get this kind of information?
Thank you for your help!
Select your block in Simulink and go to Matlab command window.
This will list all the available properies of selected block.
But note that not all properties are supported for display in annotation
I got information that I need. Thank you very much!

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