Can matlab code is used in android studio for application?

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reply as fast as you can..


Sruthi Yenugula
Sruthi Yenugula 2018년 9월 5일
Hi Malhar,
You can use Simulink Support Package for Android Devices to convert a Simulink Model to Android Application. You can embed your MATLAB code in MATLAB function block and use this with other Android Blocks and create Android Applications with one Click. Use can import this project into Android Studio.
You can refer to the following example which uses MATLAB function block
Alternatively you can use MATLAB Coder to convert the MATLAB code to C and integrated with your Android Application using JNI.

Muneeb Tahir
Muneeb Tahir 2021년 4월 21일
Can we design matlab model in android studio?
For example: The user interface is designed in android studio and we want to add the gender detection by face model of matlab to be working through android studio.
Working would be like ths:
We will be capturing photo from android app built in adnroid Studio and the functioning of matlab will tell if the gender is either male or female. How can i perform this? Please reply as soon as possible.

Sruthi Yenugula
Sruthi Yenugula 2021년 4월 21일


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