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How to work on objects in the workspace from Simulink

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I'm using the Automated Driving Toolbox, for example. It provides some objects data type (vehicle, actor, drivingScenario) that i use in matlab, but i can not use them (read or modify) from the simulink model, also if these objects are already defined in the base workspace that this simulink model can access.
Thank you in advance for you help Cheers

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If these objrcts are not supported by any Simulink toolbox, then you can not use them directly in Simulink.
But you can extract required numeric values/array/matrix from these objects, save them in base workspace and use them for further processing in Simulink.
For value extraction you can run your Matlab code/function in Model Callback or Block callback functions of simulink.

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thanks. But if I need to use some functions (provided in the same toolboxes) on these objects? For example I need the function targetOutlines(ac), where ac is an actor object defined in the Automated Driving Toolbox. How can I do? Thank you again

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