c28379Dpms​mfocdual_c​pu1_ert ....I got this link from matlab example code.It is about field oriental control of pmsm motors using delfino 28379d microcontroller.When i paste this link in my command window the model does not open.

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please help me to run the matlab example code." c28379Dpmsmfocdual_cpu1_ert ". The error i am getting is- Undefined function or variable 'c28379Dpmsmfocdual_cpu1_ert'.


Antonin 2018년 9월 3일
I hope it helps,
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sougata banerjee
sougata banerjee 2018년 9월 3일
Sir I have downloaded ccs8 and I have matlab 17b .I have even installed the embedded coder support package fot ti c2000 and validated it.All other links are working fine except for 28379d micro controller which i have. The error i am getting whenever i paste the link on my command window is "Undefined function or variable 'c28379Dpmsmfocdual_cpu1_ert'."

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Sethulekshmy G
Sethulekshmy G 2019년 6월 30일
try running the .slx file of the same

Sumith Sekharan
Sumith Sekharan 2019년 7월 1일
F28379D motor control example (c28379Dpmsmfocdual_cpu1_ert and c28379Dpmsmfocdual_cpu2_ert) is available from R2018a release only. See the 17b link of examples for available versions of model: https://www.mathworks.com/help/releases/R2017b/supportpkg/texasinstrumentsc2000/examples/permanent-magnet-synchronous-motor-field-oriented-control.html


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