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Dashboard Lamp Covered by Annotation

Luke Dillon 님이 질문을 제출함. 24 Aug 2018
I have a lamp, connected to the 'Left Engine Power' signal, which looks like this:
But when I zoom out (necessary in order to see the rest of the GUI) the lamp is fully covered up by the signal annotation, like this:
The lamp's actually trapped below the part where it says 'Left Engine Power:1'.
Does anybody know of a way to delete/hide this annotation from dashboard elements, or if it can be moved/adjusted so that it doesn't cover the actual block?
Many thanks!

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TAB 님의 답변 27 Aug 2018
TAB 님이 편집함. 27 Aug 2018
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  1. Double click on the Lamp to open Block Parameter Window.
  2. At the bottom of Window make "Label" = Hide in dropdown option.

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Perfect, many thanks!

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